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Marriage is considered a Sunnah and the beginning of a new family in accordance with the law. It is a mutual contract to bring loved ones together prior to committing it to a paper contract. It is a holy union that protects the rights of both parties and their children, as per the Kingdom’s Family Law.

Any two individuals can complete the marriage procedures in the Kingdom of Bahrain, provided the main requirements are met and regardless of religion and nationality, in easy and straightforward steps:

  • Conduct a premarital medical examination and follow matrimonial advice for couples from an accredited health center in the Kingdom, which is a prerequisite for marriage due to its positive effects on the health of child-bearing spouses and that of the family in general.
  • Choosing a solicitor licensed for marriage registration i.e. marriage officer from the Sunni or Jaffari Endowments.
  • Letter of approval from employer for employees in security field.
  • Issuance of official marriage certificate and accreditation from the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments.

What are the documents required from both parties for matrimony?

  • Medical examination certificate from one of the accredited hospitals in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Passports of both individuals.
  • ID cards of both individuals.
  • Determining the agreed upon dowry “in relation to the husband”.
  • Proving current or previous social status by presenting the marriage certificate or divorce “in relation to both parties”.
  • Letter of approval from employer only for employees in the security field. 

Can Non-Bahrainis marry in the Kingdom of Bahrain?

Non-Bahraini individuals and couples which include one Non-Bahraini are allowed to marry in the Kingdom, provided that one or both of them is a resident.

Only a specailized judge can sign and accredit marriage contracts where one of the individuals is a Bahraini and the other is an expatriate, or where both individuals are expatriate Muslims residing in the Kingdom. Marriage officers who don’t have the rank of Judge are not allowed to perform this task.

What are the required marriage documents for Non-Bahraini couples?

  • Medical examination certificate from a hospital in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Passports of both individuals.
  • If one or both of the individuals is Non-Bahraini, approval must be obtained from the embassy of the Non-Bahraini, provided the Judge documents the details of this approval in the marriage contract.

Second marriage in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Citizens looking to marry a second wife can submit their application to the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments along with the required documents to a specialized Judge who will grant the approval. The applicant can start the procedures afterwards.

What are the required documents for second marriage?

  • Letter of Good Conduct from the Criminal Investigations Directorate along with a copy.
  • Premarital health certificate issued from a health center along with a copy.
  • Salary certificate issued from the employer. Freelancers must provide a statement of monthly income issued from the documentation office along with a copy.