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As part of developing and building the Kingdom of Bahrain to reach greater heights, efforts have been made to attain equality and bring the country to a comprehensive community development, by penning policies and laws for its people to adhere equal opportunities. The policies created are intending to create a modern society catering to everyone’s needs equally and fulfilling a number of Social Development Goals.

The Government of Bahrain has focused on many areas to achieve inclusion as well as equality among all. Starting with health, the Kingdom of Bahrain has achieved ‘Health-for-All’ objective in the early 1990s, where comprehensive health services were provided and continues to provide to the citizens and residents of Bahrain. The Kingdom of Bahrain provides free health care for citizens since birth and has uniquely catered its health services towards different segments of the society.

With regards to education, the Kingdom ensures that education is available to all who are willing to learn. Education is free for citizens attending government schools, moreover, people of older ages can obtain their education through literacy and continuing education programs provided by the Ministry of education. Moreover, the “Special Education Directorate” includes programs and curriculums for the disabled, as well as, the schools having this program.

In terms of government services, the Information & eGovernment Authority is committed to providing all government services that are electronically integrated, be the best of its kind and is available to all through the channels of the users choice.

Moreover, the Kingdom of Bahrain provides equal opportunities to women in various fields within the Kingdom in order to thrive and provide balance to the community.

Providing and supporting equal rights to the Kingdom’s diversified resident base, people with special needs, ensuring gender equality, and inclusion for all.

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