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eParticipation Tools

Have your say in the government's projects & services in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Multiple channels are available for sending feedback, depending on the target audience, topic at hand, and the overall duration of the eConsultation process.

We hear you

The government currently provides the following eParticipation channels:

The National Suggestions & Complaints System (Tawasul)

Tawasul is your one-stop shop to communicate with over 40 government entities about issues that affect you or your society. Visit the website or download the free app to submit your case in as little as 30 seconds. You can track your cases and receive quick responses through the platform.

You can report on public issues that require repair or maintenance through Tawasul’s Fix2Go feature. Simply upload a picture of the problem you are reporting through the platform, enable location detection via GPS, and explain what needs to be done using pre-set icons. Tawasul will direct your report to the relevant authority if you are unsure who to speak to.

The Tawasul app also empowers women, youths, and vulnerable groups, helping them to contribute more fully to society. Along with other eParticipation tools used by the government, the app ensures that everyone is heard and has the opportunity to contribute to government policies and projects.

Tawasul was voted Best Smart Government Application at the 2020 Arab Government Excellence Award for its user friendliness and responsiveness in dealing with public suggestions, inquiries, and complaints.

Social Media Channels

Bahrain’s government entities are social! They regularly share news and information via their official channels and invite feedback on various initiatives and programmes.

Key government officials interact directly with the public via appearances on government social media accounts, including regular Instagram live videos.

You can also follow Bahrain’s trending hashtags to stay up to date on the latest events, projects, services, and initiatives in Bahrain, and join in on a conversation of your choice.

Social media hashtags are used to showcase the latest events, projects, services, and initiatives in the Kingdom, and engage all members of the community. They also provide the public with an opportunity to present their views on government projects through various social networking sites.

Live Discussions 

You can take a more active role in building the community by participating in live discussions hosted by government entities via their social media channels.

  • Register to participate in BIPA sessions: These sessions, hosted by Bahrain Institute of Public Administration (BIPA), feature leaders and professionals from the public and private sectors.
  • Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD) organises online discussions for the public about political structures and decision-making in the Kingdom.
  • The Supreme Council for Women (SCW) regularly hosts live discussions about women’s issues, their achievements, and equality. You can join the live discussions on the SCW Instagram account.

Polls and Surveys

Several ministries run periodic polls on their websites to learn more about how they can serve the public. All citizens and residents are welcome to participate and vote for initiatives they would like to see happen. The government incorporates their input when planning and takes corrective actions, if required.

The National Portal runs polls every two months on topics related to digital transformation, eServices, mobile apps, online capacity building, eGovernment channels, and customer satisfaction.

Government entities run polls related to matters specific to their fields. You can participate and share your opinion via these polls:

Government entities use online surveys to measure public opinion on new plans and strategies and invite all citizens and residents to share their input. You can also participate in surveys by visiting the National Portal or the government entity’s website.

For example, you can share your views on the following topics:

  • The TRA’s online consumer survey: The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) listens to the public when it intends to take measures that have a tangible impact on a particular telecommunications market. Stakeholders have the opportunity to express an opinion on these measures within a reasonable period.
  • UPDA’s Customer Service Center Evaluation: The Urban Planning and Development Authority (UPDA) runs polls and surveys to further develop the Kingdom and achieve a balance between citizens’ aspirations and the Bahrain National Detail Land Use Plan.

To improve the user experience on the National Portal,, an online survey was conducted to gather feedback to further improve its design, content, and functions. The survey generated 3,845 responses from users of different backgrounds and age groups. Much of the Portal’s current content was implemented based on public feedback received from this survey.


The eGovernment Blog is an interactive platform that allows the public to communicate with senior government officials such as Ministers, CEOs, and Directors. It is a safe space for everyone to express their opinions and share their thoughts on various topics.

Ideas Generation 

Government employees are welcome to present ideas for improving government processes and services through this channel.

‘Fikra’, which mean’s ‘idea’ in Arabic, is a government innovation initiative by the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and Prime Minister, His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa. It invites public sector employees to suggest ideas on how public services can be improved.

For example, ideas can be submitted on how to stimulate creativity and innovation within the government and improve its performance. The entries are judged by a specialised committee, and members of the public can also vote on their favourites. The best ideas are approved by the Ministerial Committee and implemented by relevant government entities.

Exchanging & Sharing Insights

The government is open to sharing knowledge and insights in important topics with the Kingdom’s stakeholders, specifically in areas relating to digital economy, public sector innovation, digital inclusion, Big Data, new and emerging technologies, cloud services, business incubation, public services eTransformation, research and development, digital government, portfolio management, public sector digital capacity building, partnerships in digital government, digital infrastructure, and ICT’s role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Acting on your feedback: Customer Satisfaction Index

The government conducts comprehensive studies to measure customer satisfaction levels and takes corrective action, if required. One of the main objectives of the Bahrain eGovernment Strategy, the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) ensures that people have a positive experience when interacting with the public sector.

You can also rate how satisfied you are with any page on the National Portal as well as your experience with using any of the eServices provided. All ratings and comments contribute to building a better portal to serve you.

eGovernment Excellence Award

The eGovernment Excellence Award recognises, rewards, and showcases pioneering ICT initiatives in the Kingdom.

Over the years, it has grown to become a key initiative that encourages governmental and private entities, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), and citizens to share ICT innovations. It supports the growth of the Kingdom’s digital community, in line with Bahrain's Economic Vision 2030.

Government Forum

The Bahrain Government Forum is an annual high-level platform for government leaders, parliament members, and senior public officials to meet, discuss challenges, and set the general direction of the Government Action Plan.

You can contribute to the Government forum’s agenda by sharing your suggestions and comments online.