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eConsult with Us

Share your views with the government via the available eParticipation channels.

eConsultation ensures the participation of all stakeholders, allowing them to share their views with the government, which is committed to the highest degrees of openness and transparency. All opinions, feedback, and suggestions are highly valued.

The concept of eConsultation is adopted before proceeding with any project to ensure the participation of various stakeholders and exchange of their views with the government. 

eConslutaions results

Once responses are received, all responses are studied, and appropriate decisions are taken whenever possible.

Some of the most popular platforms used for sending us suggestions include national youth hackathons and competitions, and the National Suggestions and Complaints System, Tawasul.

Many suggestions from the public have already been implemented, including ideas on improving government processes, submitted via the Government Innovation Competition “Fikra”, led by the Prime Minister's Office , and feedback during the pandemic on the development of new eServices received via Tawasul

  • View some of the improvement made based on constituents’ feedback