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Issuance of Insurance policies for King Fahad Causeway

This service, provided by United Insurance Company, allows Bahraini and Non-Bahraini citizens, residents and organizations to issue insurance policies for vehicles traveling through King Fahad Causeway (KFC). It enables applicants who are heading to Saudi Arabia or coming to Bahrain to issue the insurance policy before visiting KFC and allows them to pay the required fees online through the eGovernment Portal.

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eService is available on the following Channels

desktop channel Portal (



contact_center National Contact Center (8000 8001)

How to use the Service

  1. Click on "Launch Service"
  2. Select the required service:
    • Apply for Issuance of Insurance Policy for Bahraini Vehicles Leaving Bahrain
    • Apply for Issuance of Insurance Policy for Non-Bahraini Vehicles Entering Bahrain
  3. Follow the instructions and enter the required information for the selected service

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United Insurance

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