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Your Feedback is Important to Us

The Information & eGovernment Authority seeks to listen to your opinions and is interested to communicate with you on a permanent basis, receive your remarks and your assessment on all aspects of the work, performance of services and eGovernment  channels. To achieve this goal, the Information & eGovernment  Authority provides several channels through which users can communicate effectively with it.


The Information & eGovernment Authority is keen to adopt and apply the concept of eConsultancy to obtain the views and assessments of the public about the services it provides, as well as before proceeding with the implementation of projects and new initiatives. The eGovernment fully trusts the opinions, observations and suggestions of all clients, namely, “citizens’, and highly appreciates ​​their participations and valuable contributions.

The following links provides show the mechanisms of eConsultation and how citizens and residents can access them:

And you can also view the results of previous polls

Customer Satisfaction Study

The Information & eGovernment Authority, periodically, conducts comprehensive studies to measure customer satisfaction, level of the eGovernment transformation index, awareness level of the eGovernment  programme and assesses the level of eGovernment  impact on the public. These include surveys aim to identify the shortcomings in order to improve performance to provide the best possible level of eGovernment services.

Customer Suggestion & Feedback

Customer suggestions and feedback are one of the key contributions to the development of channels and services provided by Bahrain’s eGovernment program. Therefore, the program highly prioritizes and pays attention to the suggestions received by customers via ‘Tawasul’ – the National Suggestions and Complaints System, electronic blogs which are ran by officials within the government, social media channels along with others.

These suggestions are collected, analyzed and certainly taken into consideration in order to improve the program and provide the best quality of services to customers with the aim of achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction, meeting as well as exceeding their expectations. 


Number of customer suggestions received by month for the year 2016.


Based on the Customer suggestions and feedback, the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) have taken the action to analyze the feedback and come up with a preventive solution for customer feedback and added their suggestions in its future implementation plan. 

Examples of actions taken based on Customer feedback:

iGA values the feedback and suggestions of its customers, since they are the ultimate users of the provided services across channels. It receives and revises suggestions,  and then considers the feasibility of implementing such suggestions in alignment with the public welfare to insure meeting the needs and preferences of the end users.

Therefore, iGA has taken into consideration some suggestions received through Tawasul and has already put them in progress  such as enabling GCC citizens to use the common services and adopted a process of streamlining such transactions amongst the concerned government entities. It has also responded to the feedback of Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) users who were mandated to enter their email address at certain step and changed that to be optional.

iGA is clearly observing the market and in many cases has already predicted the necessary changes to align services functionalities with customers’ needs and preferences. This explained processing many changes before being suggested or highlighted.

eGovernment Excellence Award

The Information & eGovernment Authority launched the eGovernment Excellence Award in order to reward and highlight leaders of initiatives of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Kingdom of Bahrain. An award was allocated for eParticipation (Best eConcept Award), granted to citizens who provide innovative ideas in the field of eGovernment  to recognize their contributions to achieving advanced levels of excellence in eGovernment  work.

This award stimulates Bahraini society members to put forward unique and innovative ideas that improve the utilisation of ICT in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which contributes to the development of the eGovernment.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is accomplished through consistently training citizens to increase their utilization of social media along with other eParticipation tools, which obtain citizens’ feedback and empower them to reach their fullest potentials and participate in shaping government decisions. Hence, Qudurat Training Program was introduced to enhance ICT national education strategy, ICT skills of Bahraini citizens, increasing the country’s eLiteracy rates as well as eMaturity indices. It provides them with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate their basic daily IT tasks while also using the national portal (bahrain.bh) and take advantage of available online services.

The Information & eGovernment Authority’s Capacity Building Department carries-out the training mechanism to build capacity amongst various society segments - individuals and government, in addition to providing the ICT infrastructure to various Non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Interaction with Customers

We are pleased to receive your suggestions and ideas in order to enable us to improve the performance of the eGovernment  in the Kingdom of Bahrain. You can connect with us through the National Suggestions & Complaint System Tawasul , or you can write to us via the email info@iga.gov.bh or via Fax  +973 17 388 338, and we will do our part to study these ideas and proposals and evaluate the possibility and feasibility of their application.

You can also follow our latest developments and news, or communicate with us via the social networking channels through Information & eGovernment Authority accounts on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter , in addition to our video channel on "YouTube" . We welcome your contributions and joining us on our social media handle @iGABahrain.


Page Last Updated on: 19 March, 2017

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